making poster titles using PC

Thu Jul 15 00:04:34 EST 1993

>  we need to print poster titles that extend over three
> > or four sheets of paper continuously.  MacPaint or MacDraw or something
> > like that does this on the Mac, but most of us here use PC's with
> > Windows.  We've got LaserJets and Postscript printers on the network.
> > Any suggestions?
> > David Garber
> > University of Alabama at Birmingham
> > garber at
> I have used WordPerfect quite successfully to make such a poster title.
> You can choose fonts (ctrl-F9) and select sizes in the range of about
> 140-200 then each letter/word will fill a page.  By choosing a 11x8.5
> page setting and left justification, you can essentially space the
> words in such a way that they are  uniform distance from the left margin.
> You can now paste the sheets in such a way that the letterings are
> fairly uniform.

Do you have any drawing packages already in use?  CorelDraw!,
Designer, something in that range?  Several packages allow you to
extend the drawing over several pages, which will allow more precise
positioning of text and such.

- ivan

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