slide/poster drawing software

Thu Jul 15 00:01:31 EST 1993

> >The thing is that you're doing several graphics tasks which none of
> >them can all cover adequately.
> [commentary on specific programs deleted]
> As you may see from all the answers you have received, there is not
> such thing like "the easy choice software".
> Considering all the comments you have received, you should be by know
> more enlightened (or perhaps more confused?) than before.
> Want a tip? Try to get free demos of the software the netters mentioned
> and make the final evaluation by yourself to see if one of them really
> fit your needs and your pocket. Most of software companies offer them.
> It is worth the trial.

As an extra bit of information on this, most will also charge you
about $10 for each demo/working demo disk; if you have FTP
capabilities, there are several demos available (e.g. try CICA).
However, if you go for the $10 demo and eventually buy their
software, they will credit you the difference.  It's actually not a
bad way to preview everything you want to look at and a lot better
than blowing all the money on the wrong package [which will get you
fired :)]

- ivan

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