windows and databases and local email

Frederick Garbrecht fgarbrec at POST.ITS.MCW.EDU
Thu Jul 15 09:41:17 EST 1993

We have used both PMail (Pegasus) (btw, there is a new Windows version
just released) and Microsoft Mail under a Novell 3.11 LAN.  We like PMail
because it is easier to administer and set up, and because it doesn't chew
up lots of memory just sitting around while its not working.  PMail works
with MHS.

On 15 Jul 1993, Dr Tristram Wyatt, Continuing Education wrote:

> Date: 15 Jul 93 12:16:22 GMT
> From: Dr Tristram Wyatt, Continuing Education <wyatt at>
> To: bio-soft at
> Subject: windows and databases and local email
> Dear all
> I'm posting for advice. I'm involved in updating the
> software on a novell network here.  We're thinking of going over to windows
> (and then being able to use local email,  easy switch of data between 
> applications etc.
> any recommendations - eg on email: Pegasus, Eurdora? DaVinci? (who makes it?)
> or others??
> we'll also need to choose a database (MS Access, Foxpro and Paradox for windows
> have all been mentioned as possibilities).
> what's the reliablity like of networks under windows 3.1 now?
> I'm semi-computer-literate (learning) so really I don't know much but I want to
> get a feel for what is possible.
> best wishes
> Tristram

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