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>Date: 15 Jul 93 05:04:34 GMT
>>  we need to print poster titles that extend over three
>> > or four sheets of paper continuously.  MacPaint or MacDraw or something
>> > like that does this on the Mac, but most of us here use PC's with
>> > Windows.  We've got LaserJets and Postscript printers on the network.
>> > Any suggestions?
>> > David Garber
>> > University of Alabama at Birmingham
>> > garber at
>> I have used WordPerfect quite successfully to make such a poster title.
>> You can choose fonts (ctrl-F9) and select sizes in the range of about
>> 140-200 then each letter/word will fill a page.  By choosing a 11x8.5
>> page setting and left justification, you can essentially space the
>> words in such a way that they are  uniform distance from the left margin.
>> You can now paste the sheets in such a way that the letterings are
>> fairly uniform.
>Do you have any drawing packages already in use?  CorelDraw!,
>Designer, something in that range?  Several packages allow you to
>extend the drawing over several pages, which will allow more precise
>positioning of text and such.
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I have used three different packages for poster titles, all of which allow 
you to print across as many pages as required:

1) Bannermania (DOS) - cheap (less than $50) but quite limited in terms of 
fonts and line lengths, BUT much better than nothing

2) CorelDraw 2.0 (Windows) - mentioned above, works just fine, professional-
looking titles, even allows for overlap between pages, expensive solution if 
all you need are titles

3) WordPerfect Presentations 2.0 (DOS or Windows) - also produces 
professional-looking titles, also useful for preparing figures for posters
(it is a presentations package), relatively expensive but educational 
discounts are available

I currently use WP Presentations 2.0 (DOS) for most of my poster 
presentations. My only complaint is that printing is relatively slow
(although I must point out I am printing to an HP LaserJet 4 at 600 d.p.i.). 
I understand print speed has been improved in the interim release. The only 
other problem is that you end up doing poster titles for everyone in your 
department :-)
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