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>	Does anyone know if a freeware soft exist for viewing brookhaven
>coordinates atomic files ??

It depends on the platform (that is, the computer) you want to use.

There are quite a few free packages which will allow you to look
at PDB files on a UNIX workstation. I can think of rasmol and
xmol, both of which are running here on an IRIS (don't know
which flavour).

The thing is a bit more difficult for Macs / PCs. There is a
fine package called Kinemage out there, but its drawback is
that it cannot read PDB files directly, you have to convert
them first. Kinemage is also free. I am not aware of any other
PDB viewers for Macs / PCs.

>	Also, what is .GIF file, a static image ? or something you can turn
>around ?

GIF files contain just pixel pictures, compressed in a special way.
The GIF format is copyrighted by Compuserve, as far as I know.

>	Where can be found the nrl_3D data files and how to visualize them

NRL_3D doesn't contain coordinates; it's just a sequence database
of the proteins whose structures have been determined.

Hope that helps, Cornelius.
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