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Sun Jul 18 19:12:45 EST 1993

> Anyone have any suggestions for graphing software for a pc which is comparable to
> mac's cricket or kalidograph (sp?).  I want to use this for a master's
> engineering thesis....
> Grace

The first question is usually "how much can you afford to spend".
Anyway, you can get Cricket Graph for Windows for under $100; it's in
release 1.3, hasn't been upgraded since Win3.0 came out and won't
support Type 1 or Truetype.  However, it will graph (and generate
error bars) so long as you're willing to work the way it does.

Though Cricket Graph will do the trick, if you don't want to use it
you can consider Stanford Graphics, DeltaGraph Pro and SigmaPlot.
All expensive and all for Win3.1 (SigmaPlot has a DOS-only version).
On the DOS-only front, there's also GraphPad's InPlot, which
integrates with that company's InStat stats program.

- ivan

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