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> Hello all !
> I was wondering if anyone has run across a source (FTP, etc) that
> has scientific applications that run under the Linux OS ? Chemistry,
> biology and medical types, specifically. I did the archie-thing with
> every parameter I could think of with no luck. Sorry if this is really
> not the area to post but a similar post on comp.os.linux didn't help.
> Thanks !
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Pretty much everything that has been published for Linux gets archived
to one of two ftp sites: ( in the directory /pub/linux ( in the directory /pub/linux

There are also a couple of smaller sites and mirrors which may have
some unique stuff. You can get the linux FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions) list from either of the above sites - part 1 or 2 has
the complete listing of all the ftp sites that carry Linux software.
I've been reading comp.os.linux.announce for the last 6 months 
or so, and haven't noticed anyone offering bio-science related
software. So far it's been the Unix wizards and operating systems
junkies who have been publishing virtually all the code - not much
has been written/ported for use by your average non-technical user.
If you have a specific app you want ported, you might try posting
a request to comp.os.linux and see if anyone bites...

Keith Robinson
Dept. of BioChemistry
The University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

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