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Ken Shirriff shirriff at
Mon Jul 19 01:54:02 EST 1993

In a previous article, dean2 at (Dean Pentcheff) writes:
>Following is the announcement for RasMol, which runs on Unix
>workstations under X Windows and also DOS machines under Windows.  I've
>used both versions and I'm quite impressed.  The program is a little
>buggy, but you can work around that.  If you try it, make sure to read
>the manual and try out the command-line commands in addition to the GUI
>buttons.  Many of the interesting and impressive abilities of the
>program are exercised only through the command-line instructions.

I've built a new graphical interface on top of Roger Sayle's RasMol.  It
adds sliders to control the molecule, pulldown menus for the functions,
a new selection window to manipulate portions of the molecule, and
allows you to grab the molecule and rotate it in any direction with the

This runs under X Windows and uses the Tk toolkit (which is included).  
You can get it from sprite.Berkeley.EDU in tkrasmol.tar.Z.

Note that this is the first time I've tried distributing this so:
a) You should be prepared for a bit of Makefile editing to get it working.
b) If you run it, I'd like to know if it works or if you find bugs.

Ken Shirriff				shirriff at sprite.Berkeley.EDU

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