Keeping lab oligo database

Dave Dudley dudleyd at
Wed Jul 21 07:29:08 EST 1993

John Altman (altman at wrote:
: We are a "Mac" lab looking for a way to keep track of the oligos
: synthesized in our lab.  I probably just need a FileMaker template
: or something like that (I haven't used FileMaker much).  Does
: anyone have such a beast?  Are any currently available by ftp
: from the usual sites?  How about HyperCard Stacks?

I found a HyperCard stack at the umich archive ( 
It's in the following directory: /mac/misc/molbio/oligo1.0.cpt.hqx

It's a fairly handy stack.  If you like it, drop Hal Zabin a note (he
wrote it, his e-mail address comes with the stack).  He'll probably send
you an updated version too.

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