Lanera TCP/IP Software

Harry Mangalam mangalam at UCI.EDU
Fri Jul 23 14:20:56 EST 1993

While not strictly on the topic, I'll try anyway, since many of you are
obviously using PCs in networked situations.

I got an almost unbelievable (but confirmed) offer from Lanera for a pretty
complete range of TCP/IP software, including NFS and Starnet X servers. 
Has anyone used products from this company?  If they're at all functional,
we'll probably try it out, but I thought I'd ask first.

If I get enough interest, I'll post, and include it into my
now-move-mired-but soon-to-be-rolling-again-review.  I have had experience
with the Netmanage Chameleon NFS sw, so, I'm willing to trade stories ;).

Also, anyone have any heaven/hell experiences with NeXTSTEP 486 in a
Bio/Sci environment - we'll be trying it out and will post the results (but
not for a while, probably). 


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