protein motifs

Victor Jongeneel vjongene at
Fri Jul 23 08:39:26 EST 1993

Mr D J Plows (lsren at wrote:
: 		can anyone let me know of program(s) to run on a PC which
:  locate structural motifs in proteins e.g. locates glycosylation sites,
:  leucine zippers etc. If possible also give ftp sites.

The PROSITE database of Amos Bairoch contains this type of information,
and searches for motifs defined in PROSITE have been integrated in a number
of software packages, including Amos' PC-Gene (distributed by Intelligenetics)
and I believe a GCG module.  PROSITE is available from many FTP sites, including
EMBL in Europe and NCBI in the US.  You may ask Amos (bairoch at if
there is a freeware package that just searches PROSITE.

Good luck!


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