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Fri Jul 23 07:44:08 EST 1993

Internet Mail                 Scatchard fit program for Macintosh
To whom it may concern,

We currently are running a program on our HP9000 called Ligand which performs
scatchard fit analysis. I believe that the program was written by D. Vendlen
at Genentech, although I am not certain of that fact. The program works okay;
however, since the program was essentially thrown together and then ported
once, it doesn't work perfectly. More importantly, our end-user base has since
become more Macintosh oriented and rarely uses the HP9000 for any significant

Therefore, I was wondering if anyone had heard of any scatchard fit programs
or, more likely, software which would customized to perform a scatchard fit
for Macintosh. Any leads are welcome in this area.Thanks in advance.

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