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>Subject: Lanera TCP/IP Software
>Date: 23 Jul 93 19:20:56 GMT

>While not strictly on the topic, I'll try anyway, since many of you are
>obviously using PCs in networked situations.

>I got an almost unbelievable (but confirmed) offer from Lanera for a pretty
>complete range of TCP/IP software, including NFS and Starnet X servers. 
>Has anyone used products from this company?  If they're at all functional,
>we'll probably try it out, but I thought I'd ask first.

Our PC --> Internet link is wierd.  I have a PC attached to a Novell LAN by 
Arcnet card, and all NRC's LANs are WANned.  We get out to Internet via PC 
--> Arcnet --> LAN --> WAN --> PC-Route --> Ethernet on one of our WAN 
machines.  Consequently lots of stuff doesn't work.. like Desqview/X, 
exceed, anything to do with Winsock, Lanera's demo, etc, etc.  Packet-driven 
stuff (NCSA, WATTCP, CUTE, Gopher, Kermit) does.  The best (and virtually 
only) Xserver which I can use is from Starnet (a LANERA partner).  Their 
packages X-lite and X-(en)lite work well.  Enough of a recommendation?

  cheers, John

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