Database Imported from Medline

Wed Jul 28 05:56:00 EST 1993

	you can try a small program I wrote some time ago, its name is
DBConvert, and is available from the EMBL file server.

	DBConvert is a small utility I wrote just to do that for our
people to

	I think the last version I posted was 2.0. I now have version
3.2 which corrects some problems, and should run smoothly on most Macs
(I have tried it on Plus, LC-II, SE, SE-30 and Centris). The latest
version adds a few features that may be of interest. I'll send it to
EMBL as soon as I find a while.

	DBConvert reads a line-oriented database report (as those produced
by Medline, or sequence databses) ad converts it to tab-delimited -and
now to comma-separated too- format, so that it can easily be imported
to most database management programs. All you need is to make a layout
for the program to know how to identify the different fields.

	It can also filter records according to a keyword field so that
you can avoid duplicating records already converted.

	And in the latest version you can handle many files in one run.
The interface is not too much of a great thing, nor the program should
I call a big wonder, but it does its job, and is handy.

	If you are interested in the last version you can wait for it to
appear at the EMBL or

	e-mail to me at the following address:

		JRamon at
		JRamon at

			J. R. Valverde
		Biomedical Research Insitute
			Madrid - SPAIN

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