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Christoph Gartmann GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE
Wed Jul 28 19:01:18 EST 1993

dkim at triton.unm.edu () writes:

> I hear there is a menu front-end for the GCG/GenBank database software package.
> Where could I get one?  Does anyone have an opinion about this?  Does it make
> the work easier or faster? 

In <waverheu.104.0009FA8A at vub.ac.be> waverheu at vub.ac.be writes:

> I thought I saw a posting saying that there was a new menu version on EMBL?
> Have I dreamt this ?

There is GCG-menu for VMS available from the EMBL fileserver.

What is GCG-menu?
  It's a menu driven interface for the GCG programs. Users may find the
  program they need in a more intuitive way.

How to get it?

By mail:
 Send a message to "netserv at embl-heidelberg.de" containing the following
 lines in the body of the mail (leave the subject field empty).
 GCGMENU will arrive in two parts. Extract the two parts, remove any mail
 header information and concatenate them in the right order into one file
 Extract UUD.C, remove mail headers and compile & link it
    CC UUD.C
 Assign a symbol for UUD and decode GCGMENU.
    UUD :== $disk:[directory]UUD
 Now extract UNZIP in the same way and decode it. Then define a symbol for
 UNZIP and decompress GCGMENU.ZIP (which you got by decoding GCGMENU.UUE).
    UNZIP :== $disk1:[directory]UNZIP
 The final result is a README.TXT and GCG-MENU022.A . Install the program
 as described in the README-file.

By anonymous FTP:
 Connect to "ftp.embl-heidelberg.de" and go to /pub/software/vax where you
 will find all the programs mentioned above. Choose ASCII transfer for
 all three files. Then decode everything in the same way as described before.

Whether it makes work faster or easier I won't say anything as I am the

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