Looking for plasmid drawing programs for the PC

Anders Gorm Pedersen agp at biobase.aau.dk
Thu Jul 29 07:01:54 EST 1993

I am looking for programs (commercial, shareware or freeware) that can:

1) draw plasmids with different filltypes for different genes/fragments,
2) indicate restrictionsites, transcriptionstart, etc.,
3) easily modify already existing maps by insertion,deletion,text editing etc.
4) export maps to Windows 3.1 applications (Word Perfect, Corel Draw),
5) preferably do it all with mousecontrol.

Something like a PC version of MacPlasmap actually.

I will be extremely gratefull for any suggestions (you can email to me on 
the internet at agp at biobase.aau.dk).

Anders Gorm Pedersen, agp at biobase.aau.dk
University of Copenhagen, Institute of Molecular Biology
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