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Kevin Blaze klb at
Wed Jul 28 19:03:37 EST 1993

I am involved in a project that requires me to measure leaf areas and root areas.

I have access to a Macintosh system with a video camera and 24-bit colour capture board so there is no problem in grabbing an image into the Mac.

But, I need the software to measure the areas. Here are the requirements:
1. Preferably colour but monochrome would do.
2. Ideally, it should have a tool that allows me to specify the colour of the items of interest, e.g. selecting the green part of the leaf rather than the yellow part. The software should then select other images that are of the same (similar?) colour.
3. It should then have some facility for referring that area to a calibrated image, and thereby calculating the area of the image in question.

Such software MUST exist. I know that Photoshop will satisfy the first two requirements but, to my knowledge, it does not calculate areas (much less allow their calibration!). If I'm wrong, please advise me. Is there a plug-in for Photoshop that will allo

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With thanks, in anticipation.

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