Looking for allele calling software

Leslie Johnston-Dow ldow at apldbio.com
Fri Jul 30 17:31:23 EST 1993

Hello all,
I am teaching a workshop a the 19th ASHI (american society of
histocompatibility and immunogenetics) meeting in october about
direct DNA sequencing of HLA alleles. I am looking for anyone
who is or knows of someone who is writing software for allele
calling. This would involve the determination of the possible
allele combinations from a sequence derived from 
a mixed template such as one might expect to see from a sequencing
a PCR product generated from human genomic DNA. 

I know that we are writing such software and that Pharmacia is also,
but I thought there might be someone else out there too. I would
like to give the attendees of my workshop the best information I
can, so any information you can give me would be quite helpful.

Leslie Johnston-Dow

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