PDB - GCG or GENBANK accession number tables

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>  r.edu (FRANK,BART) writes:
> >Can someone suggest a fast method to obtain the amino acid and/or
> >nucleotide sequences of particular proteins in pdb? Is there a
> >table listing for the pdb numbers and accession numbers for GCG or
> >Genbank/EMBL files?
> >
 If you can install SRS at your site, your problem will be solved... provided
 you have also the PDB, NRL_3D and EMBL databanks on line.
 SRS automatically takes care of the links between various databanks. Once you
 have selected a given entry in NRL_3D or PDB, for example, it's a matter of
 seconds to point to the corresponding sequence in PIR or EMBL or what you
 One example: you search for "ELASTASE" in EMBL. SRS points to the sequence of
 the rabbit pre-proelastase. You make the link to PROSITE --> yes, there is a
 "elastase motif" in PROSITE. You make the link from this motif to PIR --> you
 get the ca. 150 protease sequences in PIR.
 In brief: I'm a VERY happy user of SRS....
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