Bibliographic software comparison?

Laura Hyatt lhyatt at
Tue Jun 1 16:28:28 EST 1993

In article <1ugbb2$2pi at> mhollowa at (Michael Holloway) writes:
>We're thinking of buying Reference Manager for Windows (~$375 with discount)
>but we're a poor lab and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had 
>experience with other DOS system bibliographic software.  Is there one that
>stands out?  Are there any that are real dogs?  Is anyone out there using 
>Reference Manager?  I'll summarize any E-mail and post if warrented.

Try Papyrus.  It works with windows and costs $100.00.  You can get more
information from  them thrugh

Research Software Design
2718 SW Kelly Street, Suite 181
Portland, OR 97201.

They actually have an email address: RSD at

The program allows you to upload stuff from SilverPlatter, Biosys, etc.  I
love it.

Laura Hyatt
lhyatt at

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