Molbiol & Linux?

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Thu Jun 3 03:17:20 EST 1993

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(Alan Bleasby) writes:
>Rather than say `x,y & z' (wrt the question "which molbiol apps have been
>ported to Linux) it'd probably be better to ask which haven't.
>Providing the C source is available its a relatively easy task to port.
>There is no FORTRAN compiler for Linux (mercifully) so GCG isn't an
Bah. Flame bait. We have this kind of argument on comp.lang.fortran every
six weeks or so. Please do not start it here too.
>Linux sometimes gets schizophrenic about whether or not its SysV or BSD
It is supposed to be(come) POSIX compliant with some BSD and SYSV extensions.
>Summary: If the program is written in (e.g.) C, PASCAL or LISP its
>  easily ported (generally). If its written in FORTRAN then there's
>  an f2c (FORTRAN to C) program which might help(?)
f2c makes a very reliable gcc front end. I have successfully compiled several
thousand lines of code (e.g. MOPAC, GROMOS, RIBBON, ORTEP).


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