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Mon Jun 7 10:20:40 EST 1993

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>Hello, netters,

>I recently obtained the PC Gopher III program included in the
>slipdisk package. The GOPHER works like a charm, even faster than
>the one on our VMS machine. I could never imagine a PC can function
>as a GOPHER server like that!

PC Gopher III is a Gopher *client*.  There are two DOS based Gopher servers 
available, one of which is quite versatile and KA9Q based, and maintained by 
myself.  The Gopher server code was from Chris McNeil (cmcneil at, while 
I have added numerous changes (enhancements?) to the SMTP, TCP, POP3, POP2 and 
FTP code.

It is available from in /pub/pop3serv.


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