SRS 3.0-UNIX beta: Seeking beta test sites

Sequence Retrieval System Beta Test srsbeta at
Wed Mar 10 17:11:26 EST 1993

The Sequence Retrieval System (SRS), written by Thure Etzold, was 
successfully ported to a UNIX environment. The current version of 
the software is available to beta sites who meet the following 

        - ftp Silicon Graphics binaries via anonymous FTP 
        - set up the SRS 3.0-UNIX environment on the EMBL rel. 34 PRI 
          as well as the SWISSPROT rel. 24 databases and the PROSITE 
          release 10.0 motif database (provided within the test 
          distribution if needed)
        - test the system extensively for a period of one (1) month
        - report bugs and eventually upload coredumps via anonymous ftp 

If you are willing to help in this project, please contact the following

srsbeta at 
Biocomputing Facility, Biozentrum der Universitaet Basel 

|    Dr. Reinhard Doelz            | RFC     doelz at         |
|      Biocomputing                | DECNET  20579::48130::doelz         |
|Biozentrum der Universitaet       | X25     022846211142036::doelz      |
|   Klingelbergstrasse 70          | FAX     x41 61 261- 6760 or 267- 2078     
|     CH 4056 Basel                | TEL     x41 61 267- 2076 or 2247    |   
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