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> does anybody knows a program called image or any other program of image
> analysis?
> thanks in advance.
> leonardo a. saravia
> dept. biologia
> universidad de buenos aires
> rvleosar at

Image for the Macintosh is available from via anonymous FTP.
For the money (free) it's an unbeatable image processing system. There are
things it doesn't do: for example, it is designed for 8 bit images. If you
have a camera which can read at resolutions of 10 bits or more, you will
lose resolution when you open the image. 

There are a number of other image processing for the Macintosh starting at
around $1000 such as IPLab from Spectrum Analytics. Those of you thinking
of buying image processing software should be cautious--many of these
packages require a hardware key (plugging into the Mac ADB port on the
keyboard) to run.

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