New MDPP Image Processing program available.

smith at smith at
Sat May 1 09:07:10 EST 1993

      This note is to announce the March revision (V93.100) of the MDPP, a 
general image processing package.  A copy of the new release can be obtained 
from the DECUS library: its too darned big to FTP.
      The distribution contains VMS, Ultrix and OpenVMS/AXP versions of the 
      The Alpha version is really FAST: e.g. 1024x1024 R*4 FFT in just 2secs.
      The processing tools are very extensive and are targeted primarily at 
users interested in analysing electron and light micrographs.  The program is 
controlled via two-letter commands or user-written menus: a MOTIF-based menu 
system will be available in the next release.

For more information: FTP the file mdpp-info.txt from "".

To get a copy of the program: request item V00535 from the DECUS library.

You can contact the DECUS library for orders at 508-841-3500/3502 or by mail at:
       DECUS U.S. Chapter
       333 South Street, SHR1-4/D31
       Shrewsbury, MA  01545-4195

       +1-508-841-3914 (general number).
        1-508-841-3373 (FAXed credit card orders)

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