Msdos uploads to Simtel 20 during april 1993

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>Subject: msdos uploads to SIMTEL20 during the month of April, 1993
>Summary: 268 new files were added
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File PD1:<MSDOS.FILEDOCS>UPLOADS.APR                  Created: May 1, 1993

NOTE: This file is also available in comma-delimited format as SIM9304.IDX

                   during the month of April 1993

NOTE: Type B is Binary; Type A is ASCII

 Filename   Type Length   Date    Description
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.4DOS>
4FILE2U9.ZIP  B   75070  930430  4DOS file management tool & description editor
EZ-BTM06.ZIP  B   51200  930427  4DOS BTM files: loaders/regular/libraries/help

AC300.ZIP     B  103250  930430  Converts between compressed archive formats
ACZAR100.ZIP  B  332101  930412  Archive shell for ZIP,LZH,ARJ,PAK,ARC,ZOO,SCAN
AM92.ZIP      B  198718  930419  ArcMaster front-end/convrt for ARC/ARJ/LZH/ZIP
AT780E.ZIP    B  103706  930430  Archive shell for ARC/LZH/PAK/PKA/LBR/ZOO/ZIP

AXO_10.ZIP    B   18487  930429  Oblique axonometry of DXF files ver. 10,11,12
HPGLPRL.ZIP   B    5168  930429  Perl scripts convert HPGL to AutoCAD DXF/SCR
VOLARE10.ZIP  B   18979  930429  Volume & area of DTM from DXF file w/3DFACES

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BASIC>
BLTQ13.ZIP    B  212707  930423  BULLET database toolkit v1.03 for BASIC

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BATUTL>
RETURNTO.ZIP  B    2311  930407  .BAT files for auto-return to starting drv/dir
XSET300.ZIP   B  106570  930407  Put ANYTHING in a variable of current envir.

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BBS>
FLSORT11.ZIP  B   12050  930407  Very fast BBS file list sorting utility
JVAS109.ZIP   B   60610  930410  JVArcServ v1.09: 'Archie' server for FidoNet
KM295E.ZIP    B  115294  930405  Kmail: QWK-compatible mail door for PCBoard
LSTGEN15.ZIP  B   13550  930407  Generates ALLFILES.LST from BBS file lists

CHERI251.ZIP  B  126943  930420  Chat simulation door v2.51 for PCBoard BBSs
NBROW150.ZIP  B   49379  930407  BBS door that allows users to search nodelists
PRFL108.ZIP   B   37348  930407  BBS door which allows users to enter profiles

USBBS107.ZIP  B   90163  930405  Darwin's nationwide IBM BBS listing, Apr. 1993

BEAV140.ZIP   B   94313  930416  Binary file editor, many features and options
BEAV140S.ZIP  B  152633  930416  Binary file editor, C source, PC, UNIX, Amiga

ACTIVATE.ZIP  B   14715  930416  Select hard disk partition while booting

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.C>
ACTLIB12.ZIP  B  151759  930402  General purpose libraries C/C++ programmers
BLTC13.ZIP    B  150186  930423  BULLET database toolkit v1.03 for DOS C
CRNCHR22.ZIP  B   72704  930414  C Libs - FFT,Wavelet,Coherence,Filter,Regr.etc
JULCAL10.ZIP  B   20443  930429  C language sources for Julian date programs

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.CAD>
LASI412A.ZIP  B  308682  930401  LASI v4.12 IC layout CAD prgm; unzip in \lasi4
LASI412B.ZIP  B  332472  930401  LASI v4.12 IC layout CAD prgm; unzip in \lasi4
LASI412C.ZIP  B  279824  930401  LASI v4.12 IC layout CAD prgm; unzip in \lasi4

EASTER11.ZIP  B    4461  930430  Calculates the date of Easter in any year
SM22A.ZIP     B  321321  930423  Math/Chemistry symbolic calculator w/learning
TSJOG14.ZIP   B   23846  930418  Simple calculator/pacer for jogging enthusiast

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.CDROM>
CHKCDR11.ZIP  B   28073  930430  Checks and displays CD-ROM information

CCL100JE.ZIP  B   25080  930423  DOS coroutine class library for Borland C++
STRPP300.ZIP  B   78918  930412  String++ 3.0: string class for Borland C++
Z31P1_6.ZIP   B   94376  930405  Zortech C++ v3.1 compiler patches 01 thru 06

FORMGET1.ZIP  B   22368  930430  Versatile form data entry tool in batch files
SCHOP11.ZIP   B   32431  930410  Optimizes schedules based on your preferences

CAL26.ZIP     B   14730  930405  Enhanced Unix-like 'cal' monthly calendar
MYADRSBK.ZIP  B   42631  930407  AddressBook/Write Letters/MailMerge/PrintLists
REM10.ZIP     B   49899  930414  Reminds users of important dates and events
WUK21.ZIP     B  266348  930426  Organizes and prints names, phones, and dates

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DIRUTL>
DDEL200.ZIP   B    9606  930407  DIRDEL v2.00 - deletes non-empty directories
DIRCM304.ZIP  B   95286  930402  Like DOS REPLACE command with delete option
DIRTO304.ZIP  B  158296  930402  Directory listing and totaller
FFF43.ZIP     B  147293  930423  Derr's FileFinder 4.3, performs fuzzy search
FILEMV06.ZIP  B    6747  930406  Fast and safe file move tool
FILUP304.ZIP  B   50786  930402  Copy updated files based on a control list
FIND221.ZIP   B   31496  930407  Gavin's fast file finder for DOS 3 and higher
LF34.ZIP      B   23756  930402  Find files on any drive/optionally execute cmd
STRUZFDA.ZIP  B   15223  930416  Struz's file and directory attribute utility
VADOL_CD.ZIP  B   11602  930405  Vadol Change Directory: Easy CD, quick access

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DISASM>
486DIS_C.ZIP  B   11896  930420  TC source for 486 code stream disassembler
OBJ2ASM.ZIP   B   76823  930420  TC Source for intelligent .OBJ disassembler

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DSKUTL>
COPYQ305.ZIP  B   91574  930430  Fast multiple disk format/copy/verify. SYDEX
DIM14A.ZIP    B   76357  930419  Disk image archiver, copyer w/password prot.
FILL304.ZIP   B  101547  930402  Stuffs as many files as possible on disk
HICOPY25.ZIP  B   73742  930420  High density disk copier, mapping on hard disk
MFA10.ZIP     B   23224  930427  Allocates files on diskettes space-efficiently
QKOPY321.ZIP  B   49972  930423  Quikcopy v3.21: Quick file/diskette copier
SPKT460S.ZIP  B  291524  930412  HyperDisk disk cache w/HyperKey & HyperScreen
ST2DOS10.ZIP  B   16127  930418  Make Atari ST written floppies DOS-readable

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.EDITOR>
ADAMI93.ZIP   B  172148  930413  Tamil word processer / VGA video titler
BREEZE50.ZIP  B  318962  930426  BREEZE v5.0 word processor/text editor
EVOLV104.ZIP  B   97142  930426  Source code structure editor in outline form
MR250.ZIP     B  174509  930405  MindReader intelligent text editor w/spell chk
TDE221.ZIP    B  342042  930414  PD multi-window/file bin & text ed w/ C & asm
VIM127X.ZIP   B  162394  930427  VI editor clone with undo, help, macros & more
VISED35.ZIP   B  408830  930407  Text Editor, multiple windows, mouse support
XNOT.ZIP      B  365786  930429  Fast EMACS-type editor for MS-Windows,NT,Unix

MATHPR01.ZIP  B   55151  930405  Math practice (+-*/) for 1st thru 4th graders

DISLT115.ZIP  B   27913  930403  DISLITE, expands all PKLITEd files to original
UNP301.ZIP    B   19606  930416  Unpacks all kinds of compressed executables

CDROM.INF     A     813  930421  Where to obtain SIMTEL20 files on CD-ROM
DOWNLOAD.INF  A    2836  930421  How to get SIMTEL20 files via telephone modem
MAILSERV.INF  A    3119  930421  List of e-mail servers offering SIMTEL20 files
OAKFTP02.ZIP  B    2585  930403

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