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>Subject: Announcing tkWWW-0.7, the first WYSIWYG X11 HTML editor
>Date: 2 May 1993 03:13:56 GMT
>Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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tkWWW Version 0.7 alpha (joe at

World Wide Web (WWW) is a hypertext project which seeks to build a
world wide network of hypertext links.  There are several different
browsers for this system including a simple tty interface.  For a 
demo of the terminal browsers for WWW, telnet to the following sites:

 telnet or telnet (SWISS)
 telnet or telnet (USA [NJ])
 telnet or telnet  (ISRAEL)
 telnet or telnet (FINLAND)

 and login as "www"

Tk is an interpreted toolkit which allows one to build X11 applications
quickly and easily.

tkWWW is a Tk interface to (WWW).

it is very easy to make modifications and extensions to the system.
tkWWW is the first X11 browser with the ability to edit HTML!!!!!

What has changed since 0.6?
Rough WYWSIWYG editor!!!!!!!!!!! 
   (with help from Nathan Torkington <Nathan.Torkington at>)
Bug fixes courtesy of Jon Hurley (jhn at
Uses www library version 2.0
Can now grab images over gopher
Added ability to start in iconic mode

Where is this?
tkWWW 0.7 can be anon ftp'ed from

Mailing list
There is a mailing list devoted to discussions about tkWWW at 
   tk-www at

To get on this list, send e-mail to

   tk-www-request at

To report bugs, send e-mail to
   tk-www-bugs at

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