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Rob Harper Rob.Harper at csc.fi
Mon May 3 07:54:07 EST 1993

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Cray Research is pleased to announce the availability of ftp.cray.com, a
public information service provided through anonymous ftp over the Internet. 
This service is provided free of charge to anyone with Internet access.  It is
intended to be a means of communicating information about supercomputing and
Cray Research to the worldwide community.  

Please share the news about this new service with your customers and
interested users of Cray Research systems.

The information on ftp.cray.com includes:

+ Cray Research product announcements
+ Cray Research press releases
+ Directory of Application Software for Cray Research Supercomputers
+ Information about Cray Research products
+ Articles of general interest to the supercomputing community
+ Miscellaneous electronic artwork
+ Source code for some public domain programs that run on Cray Research

To access ftp.cray.com from a UNIX system prompt:

$ ftp ftp.cray.com      (the Internet address is

When prompted for your name, enter: anonymous

When prompted for a password, enter your email address.

Instructions for the use of ftp.cray.com are in the file
README.CRAY, found in the top-level directory.

There are also several popular interface programs in the public domain
that support access to anonymous ftp servers from a PC or a Macintosh.

ftp.cray.com is a public information service of Cray Research.  Individual
users are responsible for abiding by the appropriate use policies of their
local network.
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P.S. a direct ftp hook into into the CRAY ftp site is available on the gopher
at CSC in the Finnish EMBnet BioBox

gopher gopher.csc.fi 70

will take you there.


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