Search and retrieve Simtel files and descriptions by Gopher

Dan Jacobson danj at
Mon May 3 17:46:00 EST 1993

You can now search the one-line descriptions of the programs on the
Simtel (DOS software) ftp archive and retrieve the program at the same time.
It goes like this:

Point your gopher client at and select the

 -->  14. Search and Retrieve Software/

  -->  4.  Search and Retrieve DOS Software/

   -->  1.  DOS programs - one line descriptions (Simtel) <?>

Now search this for your favorite topic - lets try:


And you see quite a few programs that deal with postscript - 
so let's narrow it down a bit -  so lets say that what you really want 
to do is to generate a postscript maze ... so:

postscript and maze

gives us the following:

 -->  1.  postscript file creates random maze on printer  <Bin>

If you select this item we will be asked for a file name and the entire
program will be retrieved and put on your hard disk.

So in short:

       1.  DOS programs - one line descriptions (Simtel) <?>

                Will search a database of one-line descriptions of the
                files in the SIMTEL archives and its mirror sites.  Once you
                have located a program(s) with this search you can simply
                retrieve the whole program by selecting it from the search
                results.  You may use booleans (and, or, not) to design your
                search,  'or' is implied if no other operators (and, not) are

If you've never heard of gopher don't worry it free and on the net,
write me a note if you'd like information on how to get started.

Happy Searching,

Dan Jacobson

danj at

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