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Tue May 4 07:05:37 EST 1993

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>Hi Netter
>		What are the hardware requirements to run Prosite. Can I 
>run it on Quadra 800. Where can I get it. Thanks.
>hsb at

Dear Hirdeypal,

PROSITE - A Dictionary of Sites and Patterns in Protein Sequences is a
DATABASE!  (of sites and patterns in protein sequences) - maintained
by Dr. Amos Bairoch.  There are quite a few programs that can search a
sequence using the Prosite database.

I am not sure what a Quadra 800 is!  Please send me e-mail and I'll 
look into what programs run on it for you, if you like.

- Dorothy Lowry
  (NON-DISCLAIMER:  I am Dr. Bairoch's grad student.)

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