coloured sequence-editor (Protein !) ?

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Tue May 4 10:34:56 EST 1993

In article <1993May3.175609.16 at> HAESS at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE (Gunther Hd_) writes:
>I think it's better to use a coloured background instead of coloured letters,
>because if you want to read the letters, it's better they're in one color.
>And if you want to distinguish different groups of aa's, it's better to have
>more coloured area than only the letters themselves.
>Gunther Haess, 
>MPI-IB Freiburg/Germany
>haess at     

I agree with Dr. Haess that it is better to use colored backgrounds than
colored letters. In playing around with a colorizing ESEE, I've found
that I cannot distinguish many of the letters if they are in different
colors against either a white or black background. (Other backgrounds
invariably lead to loss of the corresponding color types).  I have
little difficulty with distinguishing different colored backgrounds though.

True, I'm color blind and my eyes aren't as sharp as they once were
but I'm certain that I'm not the only sequence analyzer that suffers
from these problems.

Eric Cabot
U. of Chicago

P.S. Please no requests for the colorized ESEE, it's not finished yet!

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