Francis Ouellette francis at MONOD.BIOL.MCGILL.CA
Tue May 4 11:36:51 EST 1993

In you write:

>I am not sure what a Quadra 800 is!  Please send me e-mail and I'll
>look into what programs run on it for you, if you like.

Bonjour dorothy ...

a quaddra is a big Mac! (top of their line)

I think (quick gopher look) there is a Mac engine for PROSITE:


 -->  5. IUBio-Software+Data/

  -->  9.  Molecular biology/

     -->  10. mac/
	 -->  73. macpattern.readme  [11Nov92, 4kb].
	      74. macpattern20 <HQX>

The top of the readme file reads:

> The new version v2.0 of MacPattern is now available.
> MacPattern is a Macintosh application which was originally designed
> for protein pattern searches using the PROSITE pattern database.
> Version 2.0 added the following new features:

and as Dan Jacobson would say:

"If you have not heard of gopher ...  don't worry, it is free"  and
info on getting it set up at your site is available from Dan
(danj at or myself.



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