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Thu May 6 08:29:50 EST 1993

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>I am looking for the Game of Life, specifically one
>that will run on a Macintosh.  I have tried using
>archie, but I am not sure of the exact title of the
>game and I couldn't find what I thought was the
>correct software.  I know someone said there was
>an After Dark module by that name, but I want to 
>use this software in a course, and I don't think the
>AD module would be usable in that manner.

I know of two versions of Life for After Dark. One 
of these is configurable, i.e. you can setup
the patterns. It is called Life II and should
be available from
If not, mail me and I'll send you a binhexed

Sorry to post this on the net, but the return
address of Laura is invalid (domain name missing).

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