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Walsh) wrote:
> I am looking for the Game of Life, specifically one
> that will run on a Macintosh.  I have tried using
> archie, but I am not sure of the exact title of the
> game and I couldn't find what I thought was the
> correct software.  I know someone said there was
> an After Dark module by that name, but I want to 
> use this software in a course, and I don't think the
> AD module would be usable in that manner.
> Laura Walsh

I have something called LifeLab, which came along with my copy of OzTeX. If
you can't find anything on archie under this name, drop me a line, and I
will binhex it and e-mail it to you. It is, BTW, one of the best
implementations I have seen, with an amazing collection of predefined

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