VAX/VMS & NCBI's _Entrez_: text interface desired

Dennis Benson dab at
Fri May 7 15:06:27 EST 1993

THOMPSON at JAGUAR.CSC.WSU.EDU (Steve Thompson: VADMS genetics) writes:
: Greetings BioNetLanders -
: From all I can gather (using Gopher and USENET) NCBI's _Entrez_ system can only
: run on a VMS system if Motif and some type of windowing environment is
: utilized.  _Entrez_ is tremendously powerful with its "neighboring" and "hard
: link" concepts and could prove invaluable to many users on our campus if they
: had access to it.  No other system so painlessly merges the information
: available in Medline to sequence data.  The probability of getting many
: separate laboratories to purchase both the _Entrez_ CD's and CD readers for
: their own machines is nil.  Therefore, we desire to place the system on a
: distributed platform that all users could equally access.  In our case that
: limits our choice to VAX/VMS.  Our system already has the necessary CD readers
: and network connections.  Yet few of our users have X-window server software on
: their machines, furthermore, many of our users ONLY have access to text or at
: most Tek graphics terminals.  Has anybody developed a text only interface to
: _Entrez_ ?!  The potential application of such an interface in enormous.  I
: would imagine that if one were developed, the demand would be substantial.
: Call to software developers!  Please heed this need to make NCBI's _Entrez_
: system accessible to ALL biologists, not just those chosen few with seemingly
: bottomless computing resource budgets!
:                               Steven M. Thompson
:             Consultant in Molecular Genetics and Sequence Analysis
: VADMS (Visualization, Analysis & Design in the Molecular Sciences) Laboratory
:            Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-1224, USA
:           AT&Tnet:  (509) 335-0533 or 335-3179  FAX:  (509) 335-0540
:                   BITnet:  THOMPSON at WSUVMS1 or STEVET at WSUVM1
:                    INTERnet:  THOMPSON at

Steven -- NCBI is in the testing stages of a network version of Entrez - there
are clients for Macs and PCs (as well as Unix and VMS) in this version, so
that may offer an alternative to setting up a local version.  If you're
interested in testing network Entrez, send a message to:
                        net-info at

You may also be interested in a text only interface to Entrez that was done
by Alex Reisner's group in Australia:  reisner at

Dennis Benson

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