Contig assembly program

Andrew Hobbs andrewh at
Fri May 7 04:27:05 EST 1993


Forgive me if I am asking an FAQ.

Does anyone know of a public domain program (set of programs) akin to
the Staden set, to assemble sequences hot off the autoradiograph, into a
completed sequence, -  for MS DOS (or windows even).  

We have a commercial set from Amersham but it has this thing hanging
off the back of the computer without which it won't work.  It is
incredibly poorly behaved, rewriting the configuration files and then
requiring one to reboot the computer.  Finally now that we are networked
we find that it won't tolerate any extra cards in the extension slots. 
Finally, finally after trying to get it to work with other cards, it
won't work at all.!!!!!!!! :-(

I was thinking of the possibility of getting Staden's scource files (in
Fortran) and compiling (and possibly rewriting bits if necessary) on my
PC.  Has anyone tried this?  In the meantime does anyone know of a public
domain program as above.

Thanks in advance.

Andrew Hobbs
Dept of Biochemistry
University of Western Australia

andrewh at

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