Pedigree drawing software/Genetic DB

John Powell jip at
Fri May 7 10:07:56 EST 1993

     We are planning to put medical data about families with genetic
     neurological diseases into a computerized database in order to
     facilitate quantitative and statistical studies.  The data will
     include detailed medical histories as well as more general biological
     data on individuals who are affected, are carriers, or are not

     At present, we are planning to implement the database structure in
     Sybase on a Sun, but could change platforms or environment in order
     to incorporate software that already exists.  We are particularly
     interested in generating graphical images of pedigrees of families
     with disorders from some type of text output which could be generated
     by a standard relational database package. We are aware of several
     commerical programs as well as Pedraw.

     We are interested in communicating with anyone else who might
     have software for this type of use or be working in this area.

     Please respond via E-mail, we'll post a summary of responses to
     the net.

     Thanks in advance....

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