VAX/VMS & NCBI's _Entrez_: text interface desired

reisner at reisner at
Sat May 8 06:58:44 EST 1993

Jacq Smelt and Carolyn Bucholtz of ANGIS have developed a cursus based menu
system which interfaces with Entrez.  Virually all the functionality of the
GUI is available using it.  We have had it running here for several months
under SunOS 4.1.3.

   Written in ANSI C  it appears to run perfectly well with vt100
terminals or emulating softare.  We have no experience with trying to run it
under VAX/VMS but it oughtn't to be too difficult to port it.  Note that the
latest version of ENTEZ contains about 820 Mbytes (2 CD-ROMS).

        I would urge you not to try to run it from the CD-ROMS; we
immediately transfer the contents to a hard disc.  With a single user CD-ROMS
are acceptable but quite slow, on a multiuser system when simultaneously
accessed by two or more users they can become frustrating.  With Entrez now 
a multi CD utility I believe you would have very serious problems.

A compressed tar file of the source code has been deposited with NCBI and
is available via anonymous ftp from  as

Alex Reisner

ANGIS (Aust. Nat. Genomic Information Service)

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