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Sat May 8 16:34:42 EST 1993

	With regard to the specific matter of access to Entrez via GUI or
non-GUI interfaces it needn't be a matter of one precluding the other.  ANGIS 
provides both.  Currently of the 1000 or so users of ANGIS in Australia about
20% have access to terminals, workstations, or personal computers that 
utilize the X Window System, to exclude the remaining 80% from on-line access
to Entrez I believe would be inappropriate for a national service.  Similarly
not to provide the GUI version to those able to make use of it would be 

	Within the next 18-24 months we expect that the per-centage of users 
able to utilize the X Window System will rise to 75% or more.  An increasing 
number of databases and applications make use of the X Window System, I 
believe it is incumbent on ANGIS to provide for that;  so for example we
make ADeDB and other genomic databases based on ACeDB available on ANGIS and 
where there are applications utilizing the X Window System they are made 
available; where there are parallel X and non-X versions available, both are 
made available.

	Finally, there are clear indications that the increased bandwidth 
required to have X applications run smoothly over a national network will be 
available in Australia and will keep pace.

Alex Reisner

ANGIS (Aust. Nat. Genomic Information Service)

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