Entrez/VMS (was: Don't be too high-tech!!!)

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Sun May 9 14:10:43 EST 1993

Jean-Loup (bionet at FRCGM51.EARN) writes:

>        In a recent posting, Steve Thompson asked for a version of
> Entrez:Sequences from NCBI suitable for dumb, non-X11-, non-MSwindows-,
> non-MacOS-based terminals.

[description of a "typical" center set up ...]

>        May I say that I agree 150% with S. Thompson and that a dumb version
> of Entrez:sequences would be extremely appreciated?

I would like to add that a "vt100" version of a package doesn't
diminish it's value, it can only enhence it!

for example there is textace and gopherized ACeDB ... neither of them
really compare to the real X-window ACeDB, but they do make some of
the information available, and if anything, will probaly encourage
users to be set up for a real windowing environment.

I am sure I speak for many when I say that my first interaction with
the Internet was via a modem and a VT100 terminal ... I thought it was
the greatest at the time, and it is still the way I do it from home
(ok, so it is a prettier MS_window_ized vt100, but still a VT100!)
as I am right now.  At work I have a nice color 19" screen which can
do all sorts of  neat stuff (not 21" like Doug B. :-), but not
everybody has this, or can afford this.  I understand that the Mac and
MS-Windows version are "cheap", specially if run on the net ... but
you would not believe the trouble some people have to go through to
get a direct Internet hook_up!  Not always easy!  Maybe in a few years
it will, but I don't think (unfortunatelly) that it is now, for all

And so, I too, aggree that the more types of platform are supported, 
the better, and the best one (X-windows?) will pull everybody away 
from their vt100's eventually.



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