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Sun May 9 16:07:34 EST 1993

        In a recent posting, Steve Thompson asked for a version of
 Entrez:Sequences from NCBI suitable for dumb, non-X11-, non-MSwindows-,
 non-MacOS-based terminals.
        Here at our lab we also have a Vax/VMS server with very few
 X-terminals. Here also we are about to buy an "Infoserver" for reading
 CD-ROMs on the Vax. Here at our lab I know of at least 7 people having
 purchased independently a CD-ROM reader for their Mac or PC and having
 subscribed to Entrez:Sequences. This is a bit ridiculous.
        May I say that I agree 150% with S. Thompson and that a dumb version
 of Entrez:sequences would be extremely appreciated?
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