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 In forwarding this information to the chemical information list, the original
request from "horst" on (I believe) this net was lost.  I am hoping that
my memory is correct and that this information will be passed on to the
proper recipient.

cambridge scientific computing
support at

I have version 3.0.1 of ChemDraw which is available to registered owners of
previous versions for just a shipping fee of (I think) $10. I have not tried
printing from it since I am using the other major Mac chem drawing program
called Chemintosh (see below). A cool feature of 3.0.1 is a Word add-in module
that allows for a double click on a structure in Word to open ChemDraw for
structure editing, and subsequent reinsertion into Word. The down side of this
is that is disenables the normal drawing module that ususlly comes up if you
double-click on a graphic in Word.

I am currently beta testing a new version of Chemintosh from Softshell. I
usually use this program for drawing structures. The new version has several
very nice featutes for speeding structure input. It also has a syntax checking
feature that will check to see that the structure is a valid one. This is a
good feature if you have non-chemheads inputting structures. Another feature
in use here is the cross-file use of structures with Softshell's companion
program, ChemWindows. With a network copy of ChemWindows, Windows users on the
network can double-click a structure which brings up CW from which they can
cut and paste the structure or modify it if they wish.

SoftShell (ChemIntosh II, ChemWindow)
2754 Compass Dr.  Suite 375
Grand Junction, CO 81506

I will be discussing the use of Chemintosh at the ACS Middle Atlantic Regional
Meeting on June 3 at Hofstra on Long Island. I am chairing a session called
"Me and my Mac."

Norman R. Schmuff

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