ChemDraw for Mac new version??

David Gottfried gottfrie at
Mon May 10 08:06:47 EST 1993

In article <1993May10.071526.551 at> IBELGAUFTS at
>There is a programme bz stewart rubenstein called chemdraw for the mac.
>Does anyone know the fax or email no of cambridge scientific computing Inc
>875 massachusetts avenue suite 41
>cambride mass USA who market this programme
>Older versions of this programe are not compatible for system 7 and produce
>postscript errors while printing.
>I am trying to found out whether there is a new version or not.

The phone number for CSC is (617) 491-6862 and fax is (617) 491-8208.
Internet address is support at

I have installed version 3.0.2 (Feb., 1993) on a Mac IIsi (System 7.0) and it
seems to run fine.  I have not used it very much however.  I am also not aware
of any better chemical structure drawing programs.

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gottfrie at
Dept. of Biophysics
Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Bronx, NY)

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