VAX/VMS & NCBI's _Entrez_: text interface desired

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Tue May 11 11:30:32 EST 1993

In article <930507104042.214062a7 at JAGUAR.CSC.WSU.EDU>
THOMPSON at JAGUAR.CSC.WSU.EDU ("Steve Thompson: VADMS genetics") writes:
>...Yet few of our users have X-window server software on
>their machines, furthermore, many of our users ONLY have access to text or at
>most Tek graphics terminals....
What about the X-servers that are included in the Pathworks product line? As an
educational site you should have relatively low cost access to both the DOS and
Mac versions. And their use would not preclude providing character cell
terminal access to those users who didn't have enought "horsepower" in their
desktop machines to run MacX or eXcursion.

Or maybe you are already doing this for your "power" users and just need
something for the MacPlus-and/or-VT100-afflicted....:-)
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