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Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Tue May 11 07:26:17 EST 1993

In <1993May11.113627.24987 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk> ES at JII.AFRC.AC.UK writes:

>For an unknown reason, I have been disconnected from bio-net during the last
>10 days or so. Is there a way to gopher to the library of messages that 
>have been sent to the net during this period? 

Yes! you can do it... though heaven forbid you would ever want to read
news via gopher.

Gopher to gopher.csc.fi and choose the Finnish EMBnet BioBox.
Then choose the option number 3.

	---> 3.  Access to Bionet Newsgroups/

You can then choose the news group you ant to read. For example
you would give bionet as the search key word

 -->  1.  Read news in a specific news group <?>

+---------------------Read news in a specific news group---------------------+ |                                                                            | | Words to search for  bionet                                                | |                                                                            | |                                       [Cancel ^G] [Accept - Enter]         | |                                                                            | +------------------------------------


and gopher would present you with a menu of the different newsgroups to
read from.

               Read news in a specific news group: bionet

 -->  1.  agroforestry/
      2.  announce/
      3.  biology/
      4.  drosophila/
      5.  general/
      6.  genome/
      7.  immunology/
      8.  info-theory/
      9.  jobs/
      10. journals/
      11. molbio/
      12. n2-fixation/
      13. neuroscience/
      14. plants/
      15. population-bio/
      16. sci-resources/
      17. software/
      18. technology/

It can be done, but it is only for those who do not have a good newsreader
and who are REALLY desparate.


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