Software and Benchmark information

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CSC.FI
Tue May 11 06:56:10 EST 1993

For those of you interested in software and benchmarking, we have a new
directory at called "Software and Benchmark Information"
The link is as follows.

Name=Software and Benchmark Information

The main menu is as follows. Lot of of good information.

                 Software and Benchmark Information

      1.  *** Contents of the "Software and Benchmark Information".
      2.  CSC's Parallel and Sequential Benchmarks (Spring'93)/
      3.  Dongarra's LINPACK results (compressed postscript) <Bin>
 -->  4.  SPEC-organization mailbox/
      5.  GENESIS Distributed Memory benchmarks/
      6.  CERN Benchmarks/
      7.  Benchmark archieve at SONY/
      8.  DEC Benchmark results/
      9.        >>> Usenet: comp.benchmarks/
      10.       >>> Usenet: comp.parallel/
      11.       >>> Usenet: comp.parallel.pvm/
      12.   CERN version of NQS/
      13.   Condor for Distributed Batch Processing/
      14.   DQS at Florida State University/
      15.  High Performance Fortran Forum (HPFF)/
      16.  Message Passing Interface Forum (MPI)/
      17. +++ HPC Select News Headers/
      18. COSMIC Software Catalog/

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