So how do you make the SUN know you are running X-windows?

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Tue May 11 03:21:21 EST 1993

In regard to the flame-war about Entrez etc.  I've got a purely 
practical question [also comment if you want to read it that way].
Most of us are running DOS PC/TCP type software - BUT - out of 
Windows which a lot of people find easier to deal with; there is
a rumor that our networking people are going to buy us a windows
based version of PC/TCP - sometime in 1994 :)

Some of us (well actually only 2 that I know of) are running 
SUN workstations.  My first question is - on a limited budget - is
there any software that can do X-windows on a PC? [OK, I know about
LINUX but we haven't got the resources to do it - ie. I would have
to spend all my time nursing Linux on about 20 machines and I am
supposed to be doing other things!] Is there anything compatible
with both PC/TCP and Novell (we have both, this is a nightmare for
memory on our PC's)?

And for my real and BASIC question/comment - if you are RUNNING 
X-windows on a SUN, and the sequence analysis software, whatever, 
is on ANOTHER SUN, how do you tell the second SUN that you are
running X windows?

Do you need to rlogin or is telneting OK (sorry about my ignorance
but I haven't got access to a SUN workstation myself - this is so
I can tell the lucky people who HAVE got one, but are running
VT100 emulations to connect anywhere else!).

Thanks muchly,

Dorothy Lowry (Graduate Student)  		dlowry at
Department of Medical Biochemistry
University of Geneva, Switzerland

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