So how do you make the SUN know you are running X-windows?

Tue May 11 10:38:00 EST 1993

Well, don't take me literally, since I do not have SUN machines...

	But the standard way is (in general) very simple:

	First you must grant access to a remote user to your workstation
Xwindows system. In The Mac it is easy: it asks you each time an appli-
cation tries to display windows in your screen. In my DEC machines, there
is a nice menu option (SECURITY) that allows to specify which users from
which machines can display windows in my screen.

	Once you have defined your remote machine and user name as an
authorized client, all you have to do is run the program telling it to
display in your screen.

	The usual way is by a command line option: -d Machine:Display.
For instance, to display in my machine (Enlil) at the main monitor it
would be
	xmail -d Enlil:0.
The 0 indicates the default -main- monitor. If you use DECnet instead of
TCP/IP it would be
	xmail -d Enlil::0.
(noticed the :: ?).
And to display in my Mac (Anu) an xterminal from a ultrix machine I say
	xterm -d Anu:0.
using tcp/ip

	Pretty easy. Isn't it?

			J. R. Valverde

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