VAX/VMS & NCBI's _Entrez_: text interface desired

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Tue May 11 18:43:07 EST 1993

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>>Greetings BioNetLanders -

>	At most universities, a cost-effective system can be built
>on a Novell Network server.  Often you will find that there is a server
>available, in the library for example, and the only cost is the addition
>of a 1 GB disk ($1500).  Even if you must purchase the server and
>a it can be done for < $5000.  And, as Dennis Benson mentions, you can
>use Entrez via tcp/ip, without having the database on line at all.
            ^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^

Hi, could someone please clarify this for me. I'm assuming that the
must be on some sort of local network but that a client can query them via

TCP/IP. Or is there some other place that has the databases and allows one
to connect via a TCP/IP client (like gopher, I guess).

  Chris Upton
University of Alberta

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