VAX/VMS & NCBI's _Entrez_

smith at smith at
Tue May 11 07:22:55 EST 1993

We have worked very hard to get everyone networked and to have a Mac (or PC 
if they have to) on a desk in every lab.  But the realities are that Entrez 
penetration has been much less that we had expected and less than is really 
desirable.  Despite the relative ease of file transfers Mac/UNIX/VAX people 
tend to use just one machine for each class of activity. The fact that MacX 
is hard to use and eXodus (our favorite X-server) is expensive means that 
people just don't use Entrez on the VAX where they do most of their work. My 
conclusion is that a command-line interface version version would fill a real 
need and considerably increase the use of Entrez.
|Ross Smith,  Research Computing Resource, Department of Cell Biology, NYU-MC|

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